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The Bach Hoxton Street

If you’re one of our regular blog readers, you’ll know by now we’re an advocate of all things East London. After all, it’s the place we call home! Despite being inspired by our surroundings, it can get boring hearing about the hundreds of new ‘trendy cafes’ that keep popping up around us like spring daisies.

So what makes The Bach on Hoxton Street any different? Well, where do we start? Not only does it bring a relaxed ethos to the bustling streets of East London (and hell yeah, we’re in need of that), it’s also a big supporter of the area itself and the creatives that live here. Combine that with top-notch food and a great team and you’ve got the recipe for success. Now, where do we sit?



HUDSON | So first of all, tell us, why did you name your cafés The Bach?
The Bach | Well, a bach (pronounced ‘batch’) is a small, often modest holiday home or beach house. Baches are an iconic part of New Zealand history and culture, and are great places to unwind!

HUDSON | Amazing, so are you both from New Zealand?
The Bach | One of us is from New Zealand, and the other from London.

HUDSON | An exciting clash of cultures! Is your ethos driven by that?
The Bach | The Bach is a cross between the two. It’s a chilled place to relax and unwind, to enjoy good coffee and good food. We see our cafés as spaces for innovating creative folk to develop work and ideas from.

HUDSON | You’ve already got a café on Broadway. Tell us why you decided to open another, and what’s different about your Hoxton Street restaurant.
The Bach | They’re both great locations, with different crowds. We love collaborating with people, so when we opened The Bach on Broadway, we also set up The Bach Work Club for local creatives to base themselves from one of our desks inside. We live in the area and love Hoxton street, so it seemed natural to open up there too. We’ve recently launched an evening menu at that location, turning the space into an intimate restaurant at night.

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HUDSON | Your menu caters to almost anyone, including dairy-free, gluten-free and the likes. What made you offer such a diverse menu?
The Bach | I’m gluten free myself, so I know how hard it can be when you go out! I wanted to make it easy. We’re very aware of allergies, so it’s important that we offer more variety to people with gluten, dairy and wheat tolerances as well as Paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets. A few of the staff are vegan and we’re finding in general, more and more people are health-conscious nowadays.

HUDSON | Sounds like there’s something for everyone! What’s your favourite thing on the menu?
THE BACH | The Corn fritters. Such a Kiwi classic!

the bach hoxton street london

HUDSON |You’ve got a giant palm tree in the restaurant (it’s hard not to notice) How on earth did that get there?
The Bach | It’s a special Punga tree all the way from New Zealand! When it arrived it was just a stump, but after a week of settling in it exploded with big green arms that look like ferns. It seems very happy in its new home away from home.

HUDSON | Opening up a new space is hard work. Where there any moments you wanted to pack it all in?
THE BACH | The week before we opened we got broken into and the builder had all his tools stolen which slowed him down a bit. They did get caught and are currently in jail for the break in!


HUDSON | What a nightmare! Luckily you opened, and with great reception. There’s a lot of new places popping up in Hoxton. Do you think it’s the new place to be?
THE BACH | We’re very excited to be part of the emerging Hoxton food and drink scene. We’re strong advocates of all things East London so locally based suppliers are also big part of our philosophy.

HUDSON | Lastly, tell us – if you could sum up The Bach in three words, what would they be?
THE BACH | Relaxed, Friendly, Fun!


The Bach Hoxton
Address: 98 Hoxton St, London N1 6SG


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