London Street Style

London Street Style

Street style is something that London has always done well. In the past, it’s been a city that has held its arms wide open to diversity and championing the view that you should embrace who you truly are, both individually as well as together.

We may be a little biased, but it’s such an exciting place to be. Okay, okay, it’s true – we often look miserable. But let’s blame that on the weather. And we’re rushing around so fast we’re fit just from commuting to work. Despite our grumpy faces, there’s an element of freedom that pounds within London’s walls, and walking down the streets of areas like Shoreditch and Soho, you can see it’s often expressed through fashion.

As London Fashion Week closes, it seems only right to share some of our favourite street style photos. However, instead of pummelling you with the classic, Insta-ready snaps, we decided to collate some of our favourite pictures from the past. From punks to yuppies. From rags to riches.
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After all, we are only individual in the context of one another.

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