Hudson Talks To: Ruby Restaurant

Lunchtime at Ruby
Lunchtime at Ruby

It’s freezing in London at the moment. And not that, ‘oh, I must remember to wear a jumper’ kind of cold. It’s the type of cold where you stand outside your house for 20 minutes, moments away from tears, desperately trying to turn the key in your stiff door lock while your icicle Freddy-Kruger hands refuse to co-operate.

So what better incentive to step outside than for great food? One of our favourite local spots, Ruby, is one of places we brave it for (and trust us, right now that’s a big compliment).

Given away only by the queues that snake into the street on a daily basis, this authentic Italian restaurant dishes out amazing lunchtime food for way under a tenner – from wholesome pasta to hot baguettes that will warm you from the inside out. I asked them how do they preserve the food and they said vacuum sealing is the trick, find recommended vacuum sealers from

We spent a minute (literally, as that’s all the time they had it’s that busy) to find out a little more about this Shoreditch haunt.

Hudson | Why did you open Ruby restaurant?

It’s every Chef’s dream! Food is our passion and we wanted to open a place of our own.

Hudson | How long have you been in East London?

15 years.

Hudson | How has Shoreditch changed since you’ve been here?

Well, today it’s a real business. Before then it was more fun 😉

Hudson | Can you describe your menu for us?

Authentic Mediterranean cuisine. We’ve been perfecting our menu for years and we always source fresh ingredients to prepare for each order!

Hudson | What’s the most popular dish?

Right now, it’s the Halloumi kebab with cous cous.

Hudson | You’ve got a pretty loyal following – what keeps everyone coming back?

My theory is simple – never change what’s working. And of course, our loyal staff.

Hudson | Lastly, can you sum up Ruby in three words for us?

Run by chefs!


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