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A buttery soft, supple texture, with strength and durability, plus a unique ‘caramelised’ hue and overall patina that’s individual to the wearer. These are just some of the qualities a vegetable tanned (veg-tan) Leather product provides. This Autumn Winter, by aligning the care, expertise and unique style of our East London Design Studio, with the organic, artisanal and environmentally responsible process that is veg-tan, we’ve utilised this natural material to create 10 brand new styles.

The most widely used leather tanning methods within the fashion industry are Chrome Tanning or Aldehyde Tanning, both of which are quick and cost effective. However, what they save in time and money they lose in quality and certainly lack a dedication to creating a premium, authentic product for the consumer.

Chrome tanning uses chromium salts, which aside from being harmful to humans (the chemical smell often remaining on the finished product), are extremely difficult to break down and can have a devastating effect on the environment. Aldehyde tanning, although chromium free, is still extremely toxic to humans and the environment unless strictly controlled. Which, sadly, isn’t always the case.

Veg-tan leather is the most eco-friendly leather tanning method available; this is due to having a natural skin and a non-synthetic top finish, which is obtaied by omitting all chemicals during the tanning process. With this, comes some of the fantastic qualities mentioned above, with zero effect on the environment or humans and an overall higher quality and genuine aesthetic that we at Hudson are always striving for.

No two pairs of our veg tan shoes will be the same, and over time they’ll gather minor irregularities, the colour will change and ‘caramelise’ and the texture will become more supple, taking the shapes and creases of the wearer as you take them on your own personal journey. It’s these characteristics that are inherent to the leather and means each shoe will age beautifully over the years and last a lifetime.

In order to ensure the longevity of the leather and retain that hi-shine finish, we include a complimentary Hudson Hi-Shine cloth with each pair. Simply rub over the shoe to restore shine and colour and remove any dust/dirt.

In addition to the Veg Tan leather we’ve added a ‘flexi-sole’ to each of our styles this season, offering a robust, lighter, more comfortable shoe from the first wear. We wanted to create footwear that can effortlessly be worn morning-to-night, day-to-day, season after season. As always, Each pair of shoes, since 1990, is designed here in East London, expertly constructed in Portugal using the very best Italian veg tan leather and suede.

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