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Hudson 365 recently landed on A classic formal shoe collection to the naked eye, each style is constructed to feel like a lightweight, flexible sneaker. No more heavy shoes. No more rigid insoles. Cheers! And if you really want to put your dignity aside and run for the bus, you can now do it in style (sort of). Discover the campaign with skateboarder-turned-Barrister Kweku here, and read on to find out how the collection came about with our Head of Men’s Design, Roger Pereira.


How did it all come about, 365?
My brain works in a funny way. I’m always inquisitive about product development, whether it’s an electronic device or wearable tech item. Redesigning for comfort in this day and age was key to me. The huge offering of comfort footwear is the Holy Grail in the shoe world at the moment. Hence, I started developing our concept for creating a versatile ‘comfort shoe’. A shoe that appeared to hold a timeless British aesthetic, but with an inner lining of a sneaker. I also wanted it to suit as many guys as possible, in various clothing silhouettes.



HUDSON 365 COLLECTIONdenyer-derby-bordoWhat about the name? Where did that come from?
Hudson 365 stands for the 365 days of the year – and a shoe constructed with an inner comfort for everyday wear. The outer construction has been crafted so it’s suitable and versatile for all types of occasions, from office to weddings and nights out. The inner comfort padding allows you to get through a long flight, run for your bus or even cycle to work. An apt shoe for a man with an active lifestyle!



Tell us a bit more about the technical features of the shoe.

The concept includes a tech comfort crafted in a hidden way. The shoe has a Strobel construction typically used in sports footwear, with soft calf leather uppers that allow you to bend the whole shoe completely in on itself. This all-around flexible property allows you to be as active as you’d be in a sneaker, and the sole’s lightweight compound and hardwearing construction establish the shoe’s longevity.

The inner padded footbed with its antibacterial properties is lined with calf leather with the subtle use of high-density padding in certain areas of the upper, giving the wearer a padded arch support – so basically total comfort!

What message are you trying to communicate through the Hudson 365 campaign?
 The Hudson London 365 may look like a classic British shoe from the outside but when you pick it up it is a lightweight shoe that on wearing gives you the complete sneaker comfort. Hence, the key message is- ‘I am not what you expect’. It sums up the whole project for us.


Tell us a little bit about Kweku.
We spotted our campaign model and inspiration in East London (not a surprise as East London is our DNA!). We saw this guy in a suit with eccentric twists and details through his accessories.  He was confident with an authentic style without even trying. When he pulled out his skateboard we were taken by surprise. Once we got talking to him, he told us that he is a practising Barrister who skates to work – it was an instant WOW moment, completely unexpected. He immediately became the perfect fit for the Hudson London 365 campaign. 



What’s next for the collection?
In the summer, we’ll release more casual variations. We want to experiment with various types of leathers, suedes and colours. Watch this space.

Do you think the trend of men wearing sneakers to work is taking over?
I’d say men in suits seem to wear their trainers while they travel into work and later swap them with a pair of formals – it’s clear comfort is key. Also, the men’s market is completely saturated with sneakers. The Hudson London 365 is just the perfect balance!

What is your preferred footwear choice to work – formals or sneakers?
Definitely, in the last couple of years, it has got to be sneakers. But now, since the launch of Hudson London 365, I am a convert!

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Discover the campaign


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