Hoxton Street Monster Supplies


Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

It’s that time of year again! This Halloween we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies – just over the road from Hudson London’s Shoreditch Headquarters, you’ll find the intriguing store! Home to a feast of curiosities and ghoulish treats alike, all of their profits go to The Ministry of Stories, a creative writing and mentoring charity for young people. Purchases of Monster Supplies help keep the Ministry’s writing clubs free to the children who attend.

This Halloween we’re giving away a complimentary box of earwax (okay, fudge!) with every order (while stocks last). And while you ponder over what boots you’re planning to wear this weekend, read a little more about the team behind HSMS in our exclusive interview below:

HUDSON LONDON | Tell us a little about Ministry of Stories? How did the HSMS venture begin?
HSMS | The Ministry of Stories is a charity founded in 2010 and is dedicated to inspiring 8-18 year old through the power of storymaking.  We run creative writing clubs and workshops and involve young people in every kind of written format, from soap opera script writing to poetry, journalism to podcasting, and more. We have over 300 active volunteer writing mentors who encourage the young people who attend to find their own voice and communicate their ideas.  We aim to boost young people’s confidence and esteem in the mix.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is the trading arm of the charity and was born in tandem with the charity, though we also have mysteriously existed since 1818.  We’re based on a model from the United States, the 826 Project, which has fantastical shops fronting their creative writing centres.  There are pirate suppliers, superhero suppliers, time travel suppliers, spy suppliers…  we are the only shop dedicated to kitting out monsters though.

The shop fronts set the stage for the children passing through them on their way to their writing workshops.  They give the message: “This is a place that takes imagination very, very seriously.  This is going to be different from what we’re used to.  This is going to be fun!”  That’s what we hope is the response anyway, and we think it works.

All proceeds from the shop go to the charity, so it also works as a fundraiser for the Ministry.


HUDSON LONDON | What is the reaction of most customers that enter the store?
HSMS | Customers who arrive at the store are either curious but cautious passers-by, or dedicated monster fans who have made the trip especially.  We always talk to customers as if monsters are very real and that indeed they may be one themselves.  This works on many of our visitors — others find this approach a little scary!  Once they learn that all proceeds from the shop go to charity they tend to relax.

HUDSON LONDON | What do you consider is most interesting and unique about HSM non-profit organisation activities?
HSMS | The Ministry of Stories offers a unique experience for children in that our emphasis is imagination rather than spelling, punctuation or grammar.  We like those things too, but we think they follow from developing a love of the written word, not the other way around.  There is a lot of playfulness in our writing clubs and workshops.


HUDSON LONDON | Where does HSM get its confectionary inspiration from?
HSMS | We start by thinking about what monsters either need or would enjoy, and then work from there to match a product to a need.  For example, our Bah! Humbugs were created to meet the need monsters have of bringing the mood down when things get too happy or jolly, which monsters hate.  They’re a definite instant mood-killer. Really important in the holiday season.

HUDSON LONDON | Tell us about your favourite HSM Supplies cookbook recipe? Recommend us one for a Halloween house party.
HSMS | There are so many delicious recipes in the cookbook, but a favourite is the Sweet Gooey Baked Brain, which goes great with the Crispy Baked Rib Bones.  We recommend one brain for two small-to-average sized monsters, or around ten brains per giant.

HUDSON LONDON | What Halloween costume themes are you looking forward to?
HSMS |Monsters have never really understood why humans celebrate Halloween, but they go along with it — it affords them a once-a-year opportunity to travel the streets undisguised and get away with it.  The rest of the year they need all sorts of prosthetics and other ways of hiding to make themselves appear human.



HUDSON LONDON | Do you have any suggestions for Halloween parties to attend this year?
HSMS | There’s an enormous cave under Old Street station – fifty metres below the Northern Line – where there are great parties every year.  They have a great bar that serves the complete range of blood types and cocktails made from these.

HUDSON LONDON | Which Hudson boot would you wear this Halloween and why?
HSMS | We love the Apisi Velvet Black Boot, especially because it’s available up to size 84 which is a must for many monsters who tend to sport large feet – or have extra-long toenails that need accommodating.

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