Roger Mayne at The Photographer’s Gallery

Roger Mayne was an incredible photographer. He’s the kind of documentarian that would capture the magical moments that most of us miss, or were too busy to notice. His work takes you back to a second in time that truly makes you feel as if you’re stood in his shoes.

Most famous for his work on Southam Street that spanned 5 years, his latest exhibition in London has finally arrived and also explores the other areas of his work that are less-known to the public. His streetside approach means his work feels ultimately genuine and often evokes emotion – and it’s one not to miss.

In his own words – “The reason for photographing poor streets is that I love them. Empty, the streets have their own kind of beauty, a kind of decaying splendor and always great atmosphere – whether romantic on a hazy winter day, or listless when the summer is hot; sometimes it is forbidding; or it may be warm and friendly on a sunny spring weekend when the street is swarming with children playing, or adults walking through or standing gossiping. I remember my excitement when I turned the corner into Southam Street, a street I have since returned to again and again.”

Discover Roger Mayne at the Photographer’s Gallery in Soho, London until June.


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