New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

Mick Jagger 1978 Tour
Mick Jagger 1978 Tour

Those three dirty words have surfaced again. You know the one’s we’re talking about. New Year Resolutions.

It’s that dreaded time of year. Your tummy’s a little rounder. Your alcohol cupboard a tad emptier. Your balance is – well – minus-ier.

Apparently, The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus (otherwise known as January) – these are the word’s origins. And now thousands of years later, we’re all paying the guilty price.

Being good can be boring. So instead of telling you to get to the gym and start drinking wheatgrass shots, here are three simple resolutions you can follow to welcome in 2017. No effort (well, sort of) required.


New Year Resolution 1: Be More Bold
Be More Bold

1. Be More Bold

This doesn’t mean you should start embracing life á la nude (but if that’s your thing, why not – just stay away from public places). Be your own icon. Own what you do and mean what you say, and continue not giving a ____ about what other people think.

New Year Resolution: Explore the World
Explore the World

2. Explore the World

Arguably this can depend on your budget, so for those deep in the red this January, replace the word world with a place you’ve never been before that doesn’t anger you. Swap dinners out for weekend getaways. Discover the back streets of Berlin. Make memories in Morocco (or Manchester). Get out and explore.

New Year Resolution: Break the Rules
Break the Rules

3. Break the Rules

Now, raiding the hotel trolley for miniature soaps and feeling smug when you walk past the Concierge, unfortunately, doesn’t count. Instead, think about doing something (legal) that you shouldn’t. Make it your purpose to take a risk each day.  Break your own rules.

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