East London in the Eighties

What exactly did it look like? Pretty crazy, actually.

After the devastation of the war, a mixture of brutality and glamour infused by gangsters like the Krays plunged the East End into a crime capital. But, in the ‘80s, an upheaval was well underway, paving the streets for a new lease of life. Today it can sometimes be a little rough around the edges, but the East End is a hub of art, music and fashion to rival any city on the planet. It can be easily forgotten with little Prets and Itsus popping up like spring daisies (plus our rent increasing tenfold every five minutes), but its culture is here, and it only takes a couple of these photos to remind us of where it all began.

From quirky characters to illegal raves; here’s a curation of our favourite East London pics from the ‘80s.

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