Callisthenics with Kuda and Shorai

Callisthenics with Kuda and Shorai
Callisthenics with Kuda and Shorai

Callisthenics with Kuda and Shorai 

Callisthenics isn’t just a sport. It’s a way of life. It challenges the limits of the human body with a relentless energy at its core.

Much like Callisthenics practitioners Kuda and Shorai, Hudson London Sneakers are defined by their movement. We caught up with the guys who featured in our new Sneakers campaign to get to the core of the movement (pun intended).

HUDSON |For those of us that don’t know, can you briefly outline the practice of Callisthenics for us?
Shorai | 
Sure. Fundamentally, it’s the practice of natural bodyweight training involving minimal use of equipment, with a focus on the core of the body. You might hear a few names for it – barz, street workout are a few others. It’s all about being out with nature – being outdoors rather than being in a gym.

HUDSON |So you’re not a fan of the gym?
Shorai | I used to go to the gym a lot. It’s where I bumped into Foday, who’s  from the area – he introduced me to Callisthenics. He showed me a couple of videos and I was drawn into how elegant yet functional the movements looked. From then on I was hooked. How the body could move in such a strong yet fluid way fascinated me. You can’t really do that in a gym in the same way. Connecting with the outdoors is a huge part of it all. It’s important.

Callisthenics with Kuda and Shorai

HUDSON | Is diet important to you?
Shorai | Absolutely. It plays a huge role. I won’t go into detail as it would take forever – but our diets are plant-based for sure.

HUDSON | Callisthenics is still quite niche. Do you always think it will stay that way or grow in popularity?
Kuda & Shorai | Well it’s already come a long, long way. The word itself comes from ancient Greek – ‘Kalos’ which means beauty and ‘sthenos’ meaning strength. It used to be practised purely for its beauty. It was popular in the ’70s after the boom of bodybuilding and it even started getting a negative association when it started showing up in prisons. But today it’s a real community, and when it came to London from America we reclaimed it and started to evolve it into the real, more natural sport that you see today.

Kuda and Shorai - Hudson London Sneakers
Kuda and Shorai

HUDSON | Who are your icons, and why?
Kuda & Shorai | We’re definitely inspired by a few American teams, including Bartendaz. From the U.K. Movement, we’ve always looked up to Barsparta. Now we occasionally train together – the unity brings power – but with some healthy competition of course…

HUDSON | Where do you train?
Kuda | We’re often Camden-based – Hampstead Heath and Kilburn Grange are some of the best parks in London, but it doesn’t stop there. This is a global movement.

Hudson London Sneakers Collection
Hudson London Sneakers Collection


HUDSON | What do you guys do in your spare time?
Shorai | We’re all creatives, from musicians to artists, yoga instructors to personal trainers, exhibition planning and events, some even work in the city. The passion for Barz is what brings us together…

HUDSON | Lastly, which pair of Hudson sneakers will you be taking on your next venture?
Shorai| That would have to be the Sime in rust.

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Hudson London Sneakers Collection
Hudson London Sneakers Collection


Hudson London Sneakers
Hudson London Sneakers

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