Dylan Drum Dye Brown Shoe
Dylan Drum Dye Brown Shoe Dylan Drum Dye Brown Shoe Dylan Drum Dye Brown Shoe Dylan Drum Dye Brown Shoe

About this Shoe

Dylan has been so successful its almost classed as a founder! The derby has been finished using our new favourite treatment, drum dying. Dying the leather as it is washed creates an incredibly rich colour. This brown leather version is a everyday must have. With a tonal lace and exposed stitching our designer has every angle covered! All this perfection is finished on a durable leather sole.

Worth a read: Due to the techniques used to create the Drum Dye effect the leather can fit tighter than usual

  • Upper: Brown Drum Dye
  • Lining: Leather
  • Sole: Leather

The Drum Dye Story

These shoes have been handcrafted in our factory using a specialised washing technique.

The leather has to be tanned to a certain level, which means it is ready to absorb the different colour dyes. The shoes are lovingly assembled, removed from the last and soaked in water.

They are then placed into an industrial sized washing machine – occasionally we add stones for different effects.
Once removed, they are left to dry in a heat-controlled room.

Finally, we apply a unique cream for added colour and brush to shine. Each element – water temperature, speed of the wash, timing – and the hand made processes are all key to the final result.

The 3 stages of drum dye

A drum dyed sole